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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Look for me there if ....i missing here. Haha...
Undergoing year by year here now I have lot to share, 
so created a website - introduce myself - CHARIS CHING. 
Her studio named CHARIS CHING Designer Studio and own design logo CC ! 

ABOUT ME - short paragraph introduce myself.
The real stories of me.. read back my blog since 2010! Hahaha...

A platform showing all my own collection. Yea more to come soonest!!! 

So here's what I mean... Some of my clients gown/dress 
Time is the best proof. 

A special page stated who WHO who wearing CC 
Check out who are they... where they are from...
There is a NEWS page like Blog, writing all latest happening. Check out now.

So here's my contact and...
can make an appointment thru website
***Doing the best to make schedule table for appointment. Stay tuned.

You won't know and understand how long I had waited for...
I can have address and map to lead people come over my studio...
I have WORKING HOURS... lol... No 24hours working now. Hahaha...
Btw... actually I work everyday...included public holiday.
So can come look for me anytime as long as daytime! Hahaha...

WILL BLOG about my SHOP ...hmm STUDIO soon the next post!

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