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Sunday, September 1, 2013


I know.. been disappeared for few days months. LOL 
Time to update! 

Super busy with load of order for coming months good for marriage(Chinese la) Lunar August (best) then Sep, Oct... Nov Dec ... some wedding gowns, some whose attend wedding or party, some for graduation day and night, some for...dairy uses -.- haha mean casual any wear. And some more they are like LAST-MINUTES ask to make gown or dress... well great la, double charge *kidding

An evil-smile... 
Show off now 

Some people actually clients they keep ask bout.. 
"WHY always cannot see the whole things?! "
Keep patient... I just like to reveal surprisingly, secretly(no actually) Haha...

Stonework feat flowy bubble organza , purple tutu for wedding

Not just God or Rain can make rainbow, I can make it on white gown too! Thanks god too, lucky I can get 7 rainbow colors of tulle... and it's matching too! 

Sharing Where's My Inspiratin My idol My love always forever 
Elie Saab F/W 2014 Collection
RED in RED just awesome gorgeous, each details is detailing till crazy man. Inspired lot!

Which's your favorite piece?