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Sunday, September 1, 2013


I know.. been disappeared for few days months. LOL 
Time to update! 

Super busy with load of order for coming months good for marriage(Chinese la) Lunar August (best) then Sep, Oct... Nov Dec ... some wedding gowns, some whose attend wedding or party, some for graduation day and night, some for...dairy uses -.- haha mean casual any wear. And some more they are like LAST-MINUTES ask to make gown or dress... well great la, double charge *kidding

An evil-smile... 
Show off now 

Some people actually clients they keep ask bout.. 
"WHY always cannot see the whole things?! "
Keep patient... I just like to reveal surprisingly, secretly(no actually) Haha...

Stonework feat flowy bubble organza , purple tutu for wedding

Not just God or Rain can make rainbow, I can make it on white gown too! Thanks god too, lucky I can get 7 rainbow colors of tulle... and it's matching too! 

Sharing Where's My Inspiratin My idol My love always forever 
Elie Saab F/W 2014 Collection
RED in RED just awesome gorgeous, each details is detailing till crazy man. Inspired lot!

Which's your favorite piece?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

JUNE 2013

Girl are you just that busy till never update any words since early of March?! Time truly flied in high speed, getting end half of 2013 year. Looking forward my awesome another half year, Yeahhh... lot "dream come true" gonna happen, it was just like "OMG~Finally" when I knew it's happen soon.

Picked some photo to share, how poor of my camera with just little photo i took. :(

Recently work with favorite lace piece

Wanna get back my hair in golddddd or ash brown? 
Time to dye the black root ... more than 10cm i think. 
How miss my gold brown hair dyed begin of year.

 I should transfer some photo from my Ipad for blogging... 
Disappear for a little while againnnn... Bye.....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Back to blogging, almost getting 2 months no any new post! Gosh...!!! Been busying all orders and one IMPORTANT urgent task - Oscar 2013! Yup, I got a chance to have someone wear my design on the red carpet of Oscar Award. Never think of I will have this chance like this soon like on this young age. Truly Thanks God!!! The Luck! 

And it's real "Oscar", it's real red carpet, it's real Hollywood
Not just a dream anymore. T.T

She's Viviana Vigil, host for Hollywood Dailies on Reelz Channel,
interview all starts on the red carpet press. 
Piccso Material try to make as simple as I can, no any fancy beadwork,
one word I wanted- SIMPLE but nice!
As the time to rush this gown was crashing we Chinese celebrate our Chines New Year,
so hope to have more time to focus on deeper cutting pattern!

Let's c Viviana brought my gown nearer nearest to who...
Seeing Ang Lee the best director was just right beside my gown! Tears in eye! 

And of course just right beside Donna Karen Atelier dress! Wootz!
Thanks Thanks Thanks to ViViana, her stylist and Reelz Channel! 
Waiting Oscar 2014 !!!!! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


OMG... This will be my FIRST post for 2013!!! Never too late... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I have loads of dreamssssssss to achieve... hope I can do that!!! Wishes wishes wishes...

Another gown customer order for a grand wedding dinner, it's blue chiffon gown with some lace,diamond and pearl on one side of gown! It's just simple with elegance too!

Gathers in making process

Flower lace with diamond and pearls.
The dress is just too "small" for my mannequin, customer she's XXS petite lady.

Thanks to her sent me this picture! She just made the dress look perfect(instead of mannequin!) after put on!

This gown available to make in many different color of chiffon!
To make one according your body measurement, 
Email me chachimewe@hotmail.com / +60178449484 CHARIS