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Friday, December 21, 2012


Promised post, Customer ordered a tutu dress full with sequin in PINK color! Oh yeah... new challenge to go! How excited How can't wait to start the work... Let's pictures do the talk!

Walked .... more than 10 textile shops just to get this PINK color of organza and tull. Almost getting cry out when I found the pink organza!!! T.T Most of textile shop only have in white color or beige...n black only. Experienced where to get organza, where to get lace, where to get bridal satin, where to get cheapest textile from specified! specialist! textile shop! Gotta it!!!

A complicated drafting! And I found out myself how to draw a fitting corset bra too! Touching again! :'(
Proud of myself here! Can I make one for myself? My own size!
Inner part of the corset!

BEFORE start to put the sequin on this dress

Yesssss... I put the sequin ONE by ONE stitching ONE by ONE !!! Guaranteed sequin WON'T drop however you jump or run or dance... Hahaha!!! Believe HANDMADE work! 

How it's look like without strap! Who else want make???
Please look for me to do! I want make another one more!

AND THE DRESS was DONE within a week... Sequin work just took 5 days ad nights! Yes...I worked almost 20-22 hours per day! And I did super super enjoying the whole process... 


Who's interesting to make another one piece in different design, kindly CONTACT ME!!! Btw, I only do ONE design in ONE quantity, means I won't make the second exactly the same design! EXCLUSIVE! 

Get quotation from me via email - chachimewe@hotmail.com / +6 017 844 9484