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Thursday, November 15, 2012


GOSH!!! Never update for about half month! Super busy working day & night, like spending almost 24 hours everyday for work! Yea, done for part schedule of November. And I am sick now! Awards myself one day off, rest enough to fight another half of month of November! I like customer giving me challengesss, every new challenge, every new things, learn a lot learn new things, find out something you never been learnt before it's just so satisfied, like 100000% feel great happy proud of myself! And please, find out the new things yourself, don't be rely to! ;) 

Finished a dress that I super like recently among all those dresses I did for past year! HOOHOO! Will be updated soon once picture ready pick and edit! ................. and CHRISTMAS coming soon!!! Wahahahahaha!!! My favorite super love very love BIG love day!!! Santa Claus, I want to .............!!! I just have this one wish! Please... I know I just have to work hard, I will!

And another BIG decision I have to make soon ( I think so ) this matter been think from begin of this year until now... Yea, I guess I got the answer! Something to make my dream bigger, nope is starter actually! Please lah Madam, where's my certificates? Can you just pass it all to me as soon as possible!?!?! There is a rule called : First come First serve! Do mine first who had actually done for super looong time please! What I meant to is I haven't get my Diploma cert, blocking my way to do something actually! Ishhhhhhh

Next post will be very attracting, promise!