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Sunday, August 5, 2012


 Pre-buka puasa dinner for Malay Student of La'mode, they suggested us a place - Medan Ikan Bakar Tasik Idaman Bangi (Malays' grilled fish) located at Bangi, quite far from Kajang town actually. But I like its environment! Let picture do the talk.

"Outdoor" seat which can see once you just step into the shop.
I think there's a VIP seat "in" the sky. Seriously, I don't dare to dine-in there. Because below is a LAKE...
Their decoration... Malay style enough.
Walk way to enter dine-in place on the lake...

Here's what I means "Indoor" but then on the lake!
 You really can feel the "shake" everyone walk above there, DON'T RUN please. 

Once you enter from front door, you can choose your favorite seafood at right side, many of fresh fishes and other seafood too.

Grilled fish
Malay people they serve rice like this...

Our gang really "HUNGRY" and love Malay foods!

TOM YAM SOUP - must try in every Malay's shop. Here their soup is sweet+spicy!!! 

Fried sotong (cuttlefish)

Steamed fish for kids, the only one foods NO spicy.

How long of the table putting all foods

They do have stage for you if you would like to sing or maybe danceee..
 Taste quite good which made me can't wait to go for second times! Waiting Dad to bring me there, because he likes grill fish too! and of course he knows more about seafood.. I'm only know how to use the mouth to eat, sorry about the knowledge. Hehe

Medan Ikan Bakar Tasik Idaman
Address : 
Tasik Idaman Sutera Sdn Bhd
44A, Jalan Idaman 84/89
Batu 26, Jalan Jenderam
43800 Dengkil
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Operation hour : 5pm-2am(Weekday) , 5pm-3am(Weekend)
Reservation : Puan Rashidah 012 691 4799

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