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Sunday, August 19, 2012


French lace + Silk linen + Chiffon
I cut & sew this and put some beads on the lace. Simple and nice cutting.
Suitable for ROM or wedding dinner.

*FREE OF CHARGE for alteration to your size.
Selling Price : RM350
Price included : Alteration, box, bag and worldwide postage. 

To order, email to chachimewe@hotmail.com

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Good tea-time place to write down and share - TeaCottage, Kajang. I wish to be there quite a long time, finally I got chance visit and try their drinks and sneak. It located at side of main road Kajang, you can see the shop at your right if come from Kajang town.

Have you get bored with the *time (super famous, many outlet) drink? Honestly... I get bored with it! I don't really like their drinks now, seriously. It's too chemical. Let see Tea Cottage, they use the natural (the real the real) ingredients. All here the tea,rice,flower to make milk tea or just tea. Super naturally!

I like their environment too! Although seat place quite limited, feel just so great ...suit for chatting, blogging?.. You may just order and get your drink at the counter. Even you can sit there and see how they make your drink. Clean,cleaner,cleanest.

Their menu for coffee and food. They serve CREPE CAKE here!!! Too bad I was there too early, they said crepe cake only serve after noon time. :(  Definitely I will go again just for CREPE CAKE!!!!!

I ordered "Golden Milk Tea" (Left), my friend ordered "Rice Milk Tea". They show us the rice before process using machine to make this milk tea. The name in chinese is 稻香, MUST try if you never try this flavor before.

Mine is "Golden Milk Tea", made by pumpkin! Real, natural. So it's natural sweet, if you feel want more sweet, you may ask them add extra sugar for you. For me, the natural pumpkin taste is enough! This is their signatured drink! MUST try!

Ordered a set of mini pizza too! So cute!!! The topping is classic cheese....!!! YUM!

Morning with no make up, naked face! :P  Thanks god..it's located very near to my house! I definitely will be there randomly now!!!! They have a card to collect stamps with any purchased drink and get 10 stamps you will get one FREE original Milk Tea or Jasmine Milk Tea.

Check their FB page for the map!
Facebook : fb.com/MyTeaCottage

Business hours:
Mon-Thurs 11am-9pm
Fri & Sat 11am-10.30pm
Close on Sunday and public holiday. ( I went on Sunday before, door closed! )

 Address :
17A, Bukit Mewah 10A,
Taman Bukit Mewah,
43000 Kajang, Selangor.

Let's GPS lead to you to be there! *The road to get to shop quite "complicated" hehe

*ALL picture took by Ipad, so it not really focusing clearly.. :)

Friday, August 10, 2012



Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This was a thousand year happened story post. Hahaha... Malay client ordered this bridal gown, everything just want simple of course nice.

 Before start to put on the pearls around the collar.

Japanese pearls,diamond + Swarovski pearls

I LOVE THIS COLLAR SO MUCH once pearls everything done!!! How many like for this? I definitely give myself 1000000000 ... i wish to have one on my wedding gown too!!!! Hahahaha... Simple but then elegance!!!

Whole piece done, a small tail behide the gown, long tight sleeve...
Mannequin can't even fit in this dress, bridal quite thin.. smaller size than this mannequin. :(

Monday, August 6, 2012


 They accompany me daily more than I touch 3C stuff, more than I touch myself (what a weird expression) I love to work in this environment rather than sitting in front of computer in super cold temp office. I do focus on work 99% (1% for eat,sleep,sh*t), of course pressure heavier too. Just learn the words acceptable and releasable.

A dustbin full with fabrics, drafting paper, tracing paper, gum paper used and throw. Just like your brain, un useful things happens people, excuse me, leave now. I have a lot of things to achieve and make it happen happily successfully. :P

Dream, be brave.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


 Pre-buka puasa dinner for Malay Student of La'mode, they suggested us a place - Medan Ikan Bakar Tasik Idaman Bangi (Malays' grilled fish) located at Bangi, quite far from Kajang town actually. But I like its environment! Let picture do the talk.

"Outdoor" seat which can see once you just step into the shop.
I think there's a VIP seat "in" the sky. Seriously, I don't dare to dine-in there. Because below is a LAKE...
Their decoration... Malay style enough.
Walk way to enter dine-in place on the lake...

Here's what I means "Indoor" but then on the lake!
 You really can feel the "shake" everyone walk above there, DON'T RUN please. 

Once you enter from front door, you can choose your favorite seafood at right side, many of fresh fishes and other seafood too.

Grilled fish
Malay people they serve rice like this...

Our gang really "HUNGRY" and love Malay foods!

TOM YAM SOUP - must try in every Malay's shop. Here their soup is sweet+spicy!!! 

Fried sotong (cuttlefish)

Steamed fish for kids, the only one foods NO spicy.

How long of the table putting all foods

They do have stage for you if you would like to sing or maybe danceee..
 Taste quite good which made me can't wait to go for second times! Waiting Dad to bring me there, because he likes grill fish too! and of course he knows more about seafood.. I'm only know how to use the mouth to eat, sorry about the knowledge. Hehe

Medan Ikan Bakar Tasik Idaman
Address : 
Tasik Idaman Sutera Sdn Bhd
44A, Jalan Idaman 84/89
Batu 26, Jalan Jenderam
43800 Dengkil
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Operation hour : 5pm-2am(Weekday) , 5pm-3am(Weekend)
Reservation : Puan Rashidah 012 691 4799