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Sunday, July 29, 2012


 DA-LANG!!! 36th BON ODORI 2012 -  Actually planned to make another one suit of Kimono to attend this year. Too bad that had busy on works and no time to make for myself. Good to save money too, Mom said WHY can't you wear the last year piece? She said Nobody will remember or care what you wear last year and this year. SO SAD heard Mom telling this. T.T Hahahaha... I want try new things new design new pattern every year. Hehe ... Below picture was last year! Time really flied!!!

35th Bon Odori 2011

36th Bon Odori 2012
Which make up and hair do more suit me?  Last year fringe really thick in front of forehead ... Like this year make up and all hair tied up, FRESH enough!!! 

About the this year Bon Odori, felt upset and disappointed. I'm so exciting to join every year is because of the dance part. Guests follow the Japanese dance step from the dancer on the stage. It's really fun! 

First year I went - Japanese Uncle created his own dance step under the stage, we all young teen(YES, still young!) following him! Really FUN! Like Japanese kids dance.  

Second year - I dance with some cute girl (maybe 5 or 6 years old) holding hands and dance! And I was enjoying to wait people come and take pic w me actually! Hahahaha...  

and this year - SUCK!  A gang of "young boys and girls" i think teen age.. They do not dance properly, hit people's head w the fan that organizer spread out to each attended guest (They never RESPECT the meaning of fan at all) ...and one of the girl hit my teacher's head and never apologize!  What the hell you all came to this event,  do it at your home, hit your friends' head, play here and there at your home, NOT at this public place. This year I couldn't see any parents let their kids dance with stranger, because of this CRAZY people. 

Hope organizer can do anything or solution to solve or STOP this happen again if not people whose attend will decrease year by year. 

I'm the one thinking of not to go this at Shah Alam next year, because I found a new place celebrate Bon Odori too - Publika Solaris Dutamas!!! Just a week after this Bon Odori at Shah Alam. I might be join this new place next year!!! :P

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