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Friday, December 21, 2012


Promised post, Customer ordered a tutu dress full with sequin in PINK color! Oh yeah... new challenge to go! How excited How can't wait to start the work... Let's pictures do the talk!

Walked .... more than 10 textile shops just to get this PINK color of organza and tull. Almost getting cry out when I found the pink organza!!! T.T Most of textile shop only have in white color or beige...n black only. Experienced where to get organza, where to get lace, where to get bridal satin, where to get cheapest textile from specified! specialist! textile shop! Gotta it!!!

A complicated drafting! And I found out myself how to draw a fitting corset bra too! Touching again! :'(
Proud of myself here! Can I make one for myself? My own size!
Inner part of the corset!

BEFORE start to put the sequin on this dress

Yesssss... I put the sequin ONE by ONE stitching ONE by ONE !!! Guaranteed sequin WON'T drop however you jump or run or dance... Hahaha!!! Believe HANDMADE work! 

How it's look like without strap! Who else want make???
Please look for me to do! I want make another one more!

AND THE DRESS was DONE within a week... Sequin work just took 5 days ad nights! Yes...I worked almost 20-22 hours per day! And I did super super enjoying the whole process... 


Who's interesting to make another one piece in different design, kindly CONTACT ME!!! Btw, I only do ONE design in ONE quantity, means I won't make the second exactly the same design! EXCLUSIVE! 

Get quotation from me via email - chachimewe@hotmail.com / +6 017 844 9484 

Thursday, November 15, 2012


GOSH!!! Never update for about half month! Super busy working day & night, like spending almost 24 hours everyday for work! Yea, done for part schedule of November. And I am sick now! Awards myself one day off, rest enough to fight another half of month of November! I like customer giving me challengesss, every new challenge, every new things, learn a lot learn new things, find out something you never been learnt before it's just so satisfied, like 100000% feel great happy proud of myself! And please, find out the new things yourself, don't be rely to! ;) 

Finished a dress that I super like recently among all those dresses I did for past year! HOOHOO! Will be updated soon once picture ready pick and edit! ................. and CHRISTMAS coming soon!!! Wahahahahaha!!! My favorite super love very love BIG love day!!! Santa Claus, I want to .............!!! I just have this one wish! Please... I know I just have to work hard, I will!

And another BIG decision I have to make soon ( I think so ) this matter been think from begin of this year until now... Yea, I guess I got the answer! Something to make my dream bigger, nope is starter actually! Please lah Madam, where's my certificates? Can you just pass it all to me as soon as possible!?!?! There is a rule called : First come First serve! Do mine first who had actually done for super looong time please! What I meant to is I haven't get my Diploma cert, blocking my way to do something actually! Ishhhhhhh

Next post will be very attracting, promise! 

Monday, October 29, 2012


MOST SATISFIED, most beautiful ( I think ) among all gowns! 
It's the most expensive too! Sheer bottom flower cost lots! All handmade stitched...Red roses!!!
In process of making dress... 

HUNDREDS of red roses!!! How painful of my thumb after remove this roses from its root and separate roses into pieces... Pain but how if it's beauty in the end! Cannot resist its beauty! 

To make one to your measurement or rent - chachimewe@hotmail.com / +6 017 844 9484

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


One of cheongsum I did in October list. I cool like the embroidery beadwork part! And I proud of I just spent about one day less than 24 hours to finish it! Modified cheongsum, top is cheongsum design and bottom just simple skirt. Can't wait to get the photo she wearing on the dinner night. 

It can make in young age design too... call me up if you're interesting to make one too! 
Tons of order to rush in this end of October and coming November!!! Go continue work now!

Modified cheongsum by Charis Ching.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Tik- Tok- Time flied... now end of October!!! OMG...
Coming November... I waiting new challenges!!!
Will update soon about one of cheongsum I did!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Recently life...
- Cheongsum collection! 
- Swarovski Pearl on dress
- What I'm doing everyday!

I coundn't accept any more order in this month October. And few available seat for November only. Started open order for Chinese New Year dressmaking on mid of December to end of January. Anything, just call me up! 


My October!!! It's MINE!!! :P The month full with dressmaking order, yeah!!! Working hard to hit my target for this month! Really thankful to all 99% support n choosing me, thankiew much!!! I spending 22 hours per day, No have any off day yet, Enjoying my work seeing paper, textile, scissors, thread, needle, machines!!! Making dress + dress + dress each day, FUN at all!!! 

Share with you, my first first first ever red lace gown I made when I was taking fashion design course. OH MY GOD... year story! Time really flied! People started asking about rent for their wedding, it's just simple and classic oriental feels! 

Available to make in your size too! 
Anything just contact me, check my contact field!

Trying my best keep update! :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Bought ready package of Pancake's ingredient, you just need to add water,egg,and oil. Then cook! That's all! How easy nowadays! Hehehe... I want make one more time! This look like "unsuccessful", how to make it look nicer?... and the taste too. ;)

Fine... I will make another one more nicer better than this! 
Forcing myself to learn at least one food per week! Next challenge is carbonara! with my own creation sauce!!! All need to wait until my chicken pox fully fully fully recover! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Curve! Naked body line! Front,Back,Side, the posture! 
Just simply draw for the next step sketches on drawing paper! 

All my tools since I was child! Learnt drawing about six years, about primary school. Big thanks to Mommy sent me to the drawing classes and participated uncountable drawing competition when I was child. I still remember the very first time or the story how I started drawing. That time my parent we were kinda of poor, Mom bought me a box of cheaper oil crayon instead of crayon for drawing. And I found out it doesn't reach what color that I want. 7 years old child I was thinking should I ask Mom to buy me a new box and more expensive, able she afford? 7 years old child thinking of this matter before sleep every night, it's just a small box crayon. Several day, finally I told Mom she bought me wrong material crayon, then she brings me to the bookstore to get the NEW box crayon! When we arrived the bookstore, Mom asked me to choose myself. 7 years old child YES I know which crayon I should get. And show my mom is this box, cost RM9 (1997 year and US Dollar $3 ) wondering she couldn't afford this box of crayon. And yeah... she bought me the crayon that I dream for!!! Some more my school art teacher told my Mom that I actually very interesting about art! So since that day, Mom sent me to a drawing class!!! She savings money to send me and my brother to private art class! After few year, she bought me some quite expensive crayon box which more than hundred colors per box!!!! And I owned myself few box of this hundred color of crayon box! Brushes, watercolor, pallete, she gave everything I needed. ONE WORD - THANK YOU! *** And I still keeping the two boxes of crayon, both of them mean lot to me. They brought me into this colorful art world. 

Of course, rewards for Mom... I participated lot competition, and won prizes! Featured some of my drawing in some newspaper! Earned some $$ rewards from newspaper too, because of I was still child, she needed bring along my birth certificate then only just can verify and get pay. :P Hahahaha... 

Love you Mom, always! forever! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Material :- Crepe for upper, Chiffon & Satin for bottom to do drapping and soft ruffles.

There's a long story about this dress... It's totaly different to the actual I wish to do on beginning!  Actually I wish to use bottom part to match w other corset I had been done for a years... End up felt that this chiffon doesn't match with my pretty corset at all... So this is what came up after looong thought... =.= Finished the gown with some stone on bust there! ShimShim!

To order make to measurement / rent , 有意量身订做 或是 出租,请联络
E-mail : chachimewe@hotmail.com
Contact Number : +6 017 844 9484

Monday, September 17, 2012


Material : Mat Bridal Satin

Pleating on waist ! Tough but cool work,right?..

Mermaid cut below hip, pleating on bodice completed with two larger size of bow. This is the normal width of gored should be... not that wide, simple that nice! 

To order make to measurement / rent , 有意量身订做 或是 出租,请联络
E-mail : chachimewe@hotmail.com
Contact Number : +6 017 844 9484

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Second piece :- Audrey Mermaid Gown
Material :- Mat Bridal Satin

Haha~ Just simply pleat for fun because made wrong cut couldn't make the one in my mind. Does it look like "Curry Puff"... Hahahaha.... Color just look like a puff or pie... Delicious maybe! Hahaha...

First time try to cut the mermaid cutting from hip tight and make 6 gored wider than normal width. How nice is it this larger wider bottom... I'm considering to make another one same mermaid width cut then simple top design, nice right?...emmm...

The rest photographer edit touch up the photo for me, this  photo is I edit myself... Beginning level!

To order make to measurement / rent , 有意量身订做 或是 出租,请联络
E-mail : chachimewe@hotmail.com
Contact Number : +6 017 844 9484