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Friday, November 25, 2011


There's total four gowns to present on MOFEW 2011 - The Search stage. Four pieces in one theme and four models each designer too. :) I just make it like my Fashion Show to show all bridal evening gown. :P  Lucky I got models which professionally in model walk, posture, shoot ... They really PRO! 

Let's talk about my first gown for the collection with the theme named - The Garden . A garden have to be embellished by different type of flower, colorful, elegant and others. First I chosen - Bunga Telur. I love this flower since childhood... It's elegance enough!

The model - Stephy. She has nice body shape...fully suit any bridal gown I wish to make. Just I did wrong on picked wrong color of fabric, which is White with light yellow. Some more because of limit budget, I forced to pick the cheapest fabric, end up the gown was like too light, not that heavy that I want. In the end, I went to the fabric shop which selling highest quality chiffon, T.T it's cost higher! :( And I added diamond on the gown too! The final work is quite satisfied. Needed to alter again to be fully satisfied since some of the allowance fabric just stitched on the lining, not seal inside the lining. That time was too rush...I used about 2 days to finish it. :( Too rush... But lucky my model she did good job,swing the chiffon so professional when catwalk on the stage... not, it's BEST JOB...!!! 

Well, I sooo hope it's not with limit budget. I'm sure can do much better x 100000000 than this the cheapest organza and satin! Guess what the organza and satin cost me less than 50 bucks only.. that's right inner gown is like weird.After added on the quality chiffon... phew... nicer!!! NICEST !!! of course my wallet broken nicer! emmm...is my dad's wallet. Teehee...

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