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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Totally forgot about Bon Odori post!!!
16/07/2011 - Bon Odori @ Shah Alam.
Not too late to post about this just a month ago happened! :P Felt like I did many things in this month... huh~~~My life full w motions!!! Not keep myself in bedroom or working only! Must let me have some time to do another things...means RELAX lah! Like right now, skip to here blogging in front desktop n ton of works still waiting me to finish it! Anyway, blog then work! :P

Sharing photos about Bon Odori festival 2011
All photos done by CAMMI LAU PHOTOGRAPHY

Went saloon for hair do before head to this festival which started on 5pm. Went to Mid Valley fetch Cammi n rush to Shah Alam. Rush here n there, end up we reached late about 6.30pm too. Crowded people n can't get the nearest parking place. :(

Wearing kimono (yukata) that I made for myself a month before this festival. It was one of pattern from my textbook. Mine is long sleeve kimono, with a pillow behide. It needs quite lot of fabric cloth, about 6m for M size..emmm..to L size! Easy to cut n sew, but difficult to wear. I spent about half an hour to wear this suit! Sweat whole body after wore! Huh!!!

People - Crowded! People mountain People sea...!!!
Foods - Cannot get food easily... Line up quite long to buy foods.
Dance - I ENJOYED SO MUCH!!! Can't wait to dance on next year!!!!!!
Camera - like everyone holding camera capture around n ask for photos! Yes...!!! People asked me for pic... can't even remember how many of them... Xixi..

Friends dropped by to take picture..... Hahaha!

They're real japanese girls... How cute are them!!!!!!

People ask for picture!!!! :) Send n share w me the picture if you pass by my blog here! :)

Can't wait to fun there next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had new idea for my kimono for next year!!!

See you BON ODORI 2012!!!!!

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