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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Sunny

Where's my loooooooooong summer break w unlimited credit cards for shopping, bikini beach, abroad trip, n...... my boyfriend????!!!! Tell me! Kinda busy on work, never ending job T.T! Try to push myself an article for several days, able I ? ... -___-

Took all these pic under sunny n wind day! Thanks god!
I applied sunblock for face n body too, lucky! :P Sun, I love you!
Used apple's CANON EOS600 to take photos, how incredible nice ya!!! I wish to have one too!!! Where can I get a husband like apple's hubby can get her macbook then this camera?! She's so lucky, happiness lady!

Butterlfy chiffon dress, made myself ; Red shoes from Vincci ; Bag from GUCCI.
Made this butterfly chiffon dress last few year, just spent 2metres of chiffon fabric cloth and sew two lines, just that easy! Wore this when went to a beach trip on last two years! And now wearing in the town, just let myself feeling the word :SUMMER !!! :P

I picked this picture to make bunting for my birthday party! How simple natural! Thanks wind! Thanks photographer.... lenglui oh!

Thinking of.....
Should I write my blog in chinese? Because Mommy always reading my blog, but she cannot understand in english. I should write in chinese so that she can present me all those things I mentioned here several times?! Hahahah... :P CHANEL PRADA!!!

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