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Friday, July 1, 2011


It's SUMMER !!!!!!! We planned to have one day trip to MELAKA on last friday! Although my dad from Melaka, in my mind only I went Melaka town one time when I was under 6 y/o ( I can't remember!) Most of time we back to kampong only! :P I was so excited when driving my car in the journey w Yan & Jo! First time for me to drive long journey about an hour! Seriously! BRAVO!!!

Chiffon dress suit for summer! HOT weather made me lazy to makeup even dress up nicely! just a dress with a bag... also a hat bought from a stall when we did shopping around Jonker walk! Matching with a flower ring, oh yea yea, SUN!!! Summer!

Dress from Sg.Wang , Bag present by, Hat from Jonker walk ,
Slippers from Roxy , Flower ring from Bonita , Owl ring from bazaar!

Let's go stories about FOODS !!! GOSH!!! 3.02am now!!! Starving!!!


I have no idea its name in english... In chinese 椰糖沙古米 I'm not sure it's correct in chinese also! :P They ate CENDOL... too bad that I cannot have foods anything in ice! T.T what a pity people eating this things in hot weather but her friends having ICE!!!!!! Huh~~~

NEXT!!! CREPE (must have!!!!!!!!!)
We picked Strawberry, Banana Chocolate & Original flavor! TASTE good! Feel so good if I have one whole as birthday cake or...for everyday! Hahaha! Don't bother what what calories! :S

A dinner food must have when you in Melaka town... SATAY CENDOL
LONG QUEUE man, We were standing outside for more than one hour!!! Just to try fish ball put into special sauce cooker! That's all! But good to have a try !!!

Seriously, don't scare people!!! Three gals to finish all these!!!

Nevertheless, their sauce truly SPECIAL !!!

MISS Melaka so muchhhhhhhh!!!! I want FOODS!!!!!
I want shopping!!!!! I want beach!!!!! I want................... sleep!!! Time ZZzz!

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