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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Ooooops.... they did something wrongly! It was my 18th birthday!!! :(

A barbie doll jelly layer cake! :)

Me with Barbie doll ..Haha

Everybody interested w the barbie doll... not me :'(

BLOW candles...

Urh...someone best friend bought this can't blow off candles for me!

Cut the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!YeahYeAH!!!

Taking the barbie doll's legs... HAHA...


Party w delicious foods to full the stomach!!!
No more buffet!!! :) Bored w buffet style...

Mushroom soup!

Large Juice n tea for everyone!!!

Most of them drunk till end....... sayang!



too bad that I had no time to taste my whole steak!!! :(

I want CHEESE STEAMBOAT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Time to blog about my birthday party held on last two friday! :) was 08/07/2011 Friday! Nervous before the party, wondering anything left to do, am I most beautiful! Hahahah! Can't sleep in the night one day before the party. Busy to start my doll up from noon time, went saloon to wash n blow my hairs. Then make up pretty!

Busying contact w friends... Some needed direction to party location, some asked where's the place of party... @#$&( ... Love my face....fat fat face!

I made this dress myself! Although self made, its material already cost me nearly 200bucks. Not included workmanship! :P Never mind, I want to be the most beautiful, prettiest! It can detached become a short party dress! Love the layers cake so much!!! Costly part!


I can do or make whatever you ask me to do so.
You told, and I follow...

A bird living at its nest since it born to this world, never meet any stranger!
It wishes to fly out around the world, fight to live more perfectly!
Nowadays it got its wings to fly...
Will you agree with?
If no, stay the same! If yes, it will open out its wings, let's fly!

It'll fly as far as doesn't wish to stay the same!

Red in processing

From last week until now this dress still under processing! I just want a word = PERFECT! I never stop imagine how the dress will be looked like... since sketching time! Bought the red bridal satin as inner, gold color lace for outer! And scallop, beads too!

The scallop drapping work!

Attached drapping to part of dress yesterday!
The dress getting finish, hope I can finish done by today class! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Sunny

Where's my loooooooooong summer break w unlimited credit cards for shopping, bikini beach, abroad trip, n...... my boyfriend????!!!! Tell me! Kinda busy on work, never ending job T.T! Try to push myself an article for several days, able I ? ... -___-

Took all these pic under sunny n wind day! Thanks god!
I applied sunblock for face n body too, lucky! :P Sun, I love you!
Used apple's CANON EOS600 to take photos, how incredible nice ya!!! I wish to have one too!!! Where can I get a husband like apple's hubby can get her macbook then this camera?! She's so lucky, happiness lady!

Butterlfy chiffon dress, made myself ; Red shoes from Vincci ; Bag from GUCCI.
Made this butterfly chiffon dress last few year, just spent 2metres of chiffon fabric cloth and sew two lines, just that easy! Wore this when went to a beach trip on last two years! And now wearing in the town, just let myself feeling the word :SUMMER !!! :P

I picked this picture to make bunting for my birthday party! How simple natural! Thanks wind! Thanks photographer.... lenglui oh!

Thinking of.....
Should I write my blog in chinese? Because Mommy always reading my blog, but she cannot understand in english. I should write in chinese so that she can present me all those things I mentioned here several times?! Hahahah... :P CHANEL PRADA!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

01/07/11 SHOP pain

Shopping Day w Yan & Yang! Yes!!! Yang back to town again! Huh~~~He comes back more frequently after graduated to work. How relax of his job now! Haha! Accompany Yan to meet her friend at fahrenheit88, we parked our car at Sg.Wang. Walked to Fahrenheit w this boots!! Did shoot before Yan meet her friend in front of Uniqlo.

Extremely hot standing under sunny sun papa! Some more my foot felt pain getting more pain more pain... Not because of height of shoes, was cleaning of your shoes. Found little sands in the shoes... after walked within 5km...! Next time should use vacuum cleaner make sure nothing killing foot things inside the shoes although just a little sand! ish...!

So end up, I bought a flat at Vincci! How comfortable......... w new shoes!

Lunch @ Sg.Wang

Met Yang... I got no mood to shopp... the painful of foot more worst than period day! -________- !!!!!!!!! CLEAN shoes before wearing!!!!

Had our dinner @ 21st Mewah Club. Actually I want to book the place for my birthday party, set the menu list...!
Crowded place with familiar faces around us!

EAT cheeeeeese steamboat wah! This should be me eating this...!!! Hahah!

Da-lang... I never ever order mushroom chicken before..... !!! And now...... the sun come out from west lah... hahahah! Translate in chinese!

Thinking of my party.......... foods, peoples.......@%^&

Chit Chat @ Jo's house on night before she travel to Australia! So shioknya!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Birthday party was great with fun, happy, excited, surprised...n tired!

Exhausted after party night!
Busy-ing upload pictures to facebook,
customer's order, studying..... @@!!!

Will update soon! :)