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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Top from Times Square ; Necklace,Bag,Owl Ring,Legging from fleamarket ;
Bracelet from forever21 ; Heels from Tang's

Thought finally can wear this fur top because of raining on early morning until noon time! Hope to wear this fur top for a year long long time! M'sia weather not allow you to wear this kind thicker top! Singlet suit all the time! BUT weather goes back hot and hot and hot, super hot!!! Urh! Lucky my classroom with air-cond, if not I'm going crazy 38 then! And wear simply with legging yum my dinner - McD GCB!!! My love back to me again!!! Grilled chicken I'm lovin it!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Grandmom asked me to make a clothes for her last time I visited her! Had long chat with grandmom. She like... sayang me means treat me better than last time! Don't know! Doesn't she more like those become doctor geh? Now, she knew fashion designer better!!! Even can make "sui" beautiful clothes to her! :P

Challenged the most tough parts! Double bias tape ( yellow smaller & red ) and side bias tape! Side bias tape are sharp, triangle shape!!! Did the square shape last few years, now tough-triangle! Who says CAN'T??!!! I made it!!! :D

Btw, mom insist to use bias tape to make the chinese button! Therefore, last tough work = BUTTON!!!!!! I want make the BEST to my grandmom! Trying my BEST...!!!

Love PoPo ( Grandmom ) !!!

Monday, June 20, 2011



Time to sleep!!! 4am Morning, M'sia!!! XD


LOVE --- OWL --- so muchi!!! Doesn't it cute??...Hahaha!
Whatever ANGRY Bird so in trend, I love OWL more!!! :P
I bought this ring for only RM5!!!! From neighbour booth @ Solaris Mont Kiara that Sunday! So worth!!! I bought 4 rings cost me RM40 for all! Shopp @ bazaar absolutely worth!!!

The white pearl about RM15 only...!!! LOVE it!!!!

I just wore another owl ring (super cute) bought rings above together at bazaar! Show next time!!! XD Oops... I haven't plan to get my pearl ring which send to alteration the size! Gonna get it back home!!! :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Love this lace ski so much... but it's too bad, it made me look shorter...T.T Never mind, I will try to wear with heels or longer top... see whether I can wear this ski nicer or @#$ Fatty!! :P

I want new clothes, new bags, new shoes!!!
Bowler hat!!!!!!!! I want red in color, where else selling this color????....

3.14am... Can't sleep!!!
Slept on 4am yesterday morning!
SO now means it's still early bor.....

So blogging as much as I can stand for before I feel sleepy! XD So article(s) below this post with date 6/19/2011 means Im update one shot due to my laziness n buziness!! XD Searching some pic & share... Just have fun!