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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


22/11/2011 MIFW at Zebra Square, KL. Me and Yan got the passes to attend the 2nd day of show.

 Lunch break with BUFFET ***RM16.90 ONLY!!! Unbelievable,right?! Seriously!  FREE-FLOW!!! I ate ton of foods & iced lemon tea!!! Scrambled eggs, I'm soooo miss it! Wish to have ten plates!!! Yum!!!

The 2nd runway!!! Local BDA Designer!

 Show end early then we went photoshoot! :P

Top - Self made! ; Skirt - Miss Selfridge ; Heels - Bazaar ; Envelope clutch - CHACHIMEWE ; Accessories some from bazaar & Forever21 ; Hat - borrowed from Yan. :P

Wanna have a try the buffet stated above? 

Facebook : caffeinees people
Email : chaffeinees@gmail.com
No.16, Jalan Kampung Pandan,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : 603 9284 6686

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Ladies & gentlemen, Introduce myself, my name is CHARIS CHING. Designer for CMW Designer Collection and CHACHIMEWE online shopping site too. 

Accept custom-made order like Bridal Gown, Evening Gown, Cheongsum, Malay clothes, and so on... 
Contact me now via email - chachimewe@hotmail.com or 017-8449484 ( Whatsapp too! )

Thanks~~~!!! :P

This article for FUN... hehe!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The last piece - BLACK ROSE
Purposely to choose black color, it's Mystery, not ever Hot n Sexy anymore.

Spent 20 meters of satin to made this gown. Hand-stitch for hundred meters , No machine used to sew this gathers. 100% Hand-stitch... @@ Uncountable! :( ... In the end, model not wearing the corset, make it Tube Dress. Like Christmas tree? Hehehe... It's actually a S gown too! :) 2 ways for it~

Thanks for my model - Kejora. You did good job too! You got improve a lot! :)


 3rd - Chrysanthemum. I love this flower too, it actually have few colors too. I saw blue, purple before. It's secretly beautiful... how secretly? Emmm...

With the limit of budget, I spent less than Rm50 on this dress... :P Result shown thick satin will make the corset nicer and more fit to body, this type thin satin was like... unsatisfied for me. :( Hehe... But it's perfect work in the end! Mom helped me a lot on this dress, she burn the layer layer layerssss ...Thanks Mommy!

My model, Michelle. Her catwalk really bravo! :) She looks very gorgeous ... Thanks to her to present my dress! She did good best job too! :) Congratz to her too, she won 2nd-Runner up!!! :)


 2nd of collection - Peony. Noble and Romantic.

 Spent lot of crepe,net,organza to make the bottom part. It's took much time to finish it. Roll and roll in front of sewing machine, I was like living in PINK area that moment. @@ I LOVE THIS GOWN SO MUCH! It's Peony for me! Romantic Pink PEONY... :)

Congratulations to my model, Kary, she won the 1st-Runner up. 
She can do posture very nice, like magazine or branded model. 

Friday, November 25, 2011


There's total four gowns to present on MOFEW 2011 - The Search stage. Four pieces in one theme and four models each designer too. :) I just make it like my Fashion Show to show all bridal evening gown. :P  Lucky I got models which professionally in model walk, posture, shoot ... They really PRO! 

Let's talk about my first gown for the collection with the theme named - The Garden . A garden have to be embellished by different type of flower, colorful, elegant and others. First I chosen - Bunga Telur. I love this flower since childhood... It's elegance enough!

The model - Stephy. She has nice body shape...fully suit any bridal gown I wish to make. Just I did wrong on picked wrong color of fabric, which is White with light yellow. Some more because of limit budget, I forced to pick the cheapest fabric, end up the gown was like too light, not that heavy that I want. In the end, I went to the fabric shop which selling highest quality chiffon, T.T it's cost higher! :( And I added diamond on the gown too! The final work is quite satisfied. Needed to alter again to be fully satisfied since some of the allowance fabric just stitched on the lining, not seal inside the lining. That time was too rush...I used about 2 days to finish it. :( Too rush... But lucky my model she did good job,swing the chiffon so professional when catwalk on the stage... not, it's BEST JOB...!!! 

Well, I sooo hope it's not with limit budget. I'm sure can do much better x 100000000 than this the cheapest organza and satin! Guess what the organza and satin cost me less than 50 bucks only.. that's right inner gown is like weird.After added on the quality chiffon... phew... nicer!!! NICEST !!! of course my wallet broken nicer! emmm...is my dad's wallet. Teehee...

Thursday, November 24, 2011


It's not Angry bird on the day celebration of Daddy's birthday,
it's Happy Bird .... Happy Birthday to Daddy! :P

The cake actually was jelly cake and jelly cupcakes around the angry bird. :)
Totally LOVE so muccch jelly cake.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hello,world! All this pictures took before competition, that time went to meet up the models and take their measurements. Was like thousand years happened. Ohyea... Time really flied!

DIY made myself this chiffon top. It's easy to make even can finish in one day. :P Because of it's chiffon, double work to sew to seal the allowance. Who cares...! I love the final work!!! It's suit 100% to me...emmm i mean the color! Haha~ Doesn't ? Phew... it's See-through! For this season!

Who's playing "Weibo" here? 
Follow my weibo - CHARIS_CMeiWei or weibo.com/meiweimeiwei
I'm soooo addicted to their photo uploader! It's fun, can edit like what photoshop can do.

Hardworking blogging now! 
I'm freeeeeeeeee for now temporary! 


THANKS lot to my daddy & mommy!!!!!! 
They always make my dreamsss come true!!! 
Now I got sewing machine, overlock machine, and portable machine which has many functions! Left steam-iron, iron board/carbinet ...... what else ya??? Hahaha... Okay...the rest of wishes I will buy myself! Since they had supported me for so many things except all these machines and stuff, they did support much on my business, from stock to mannequin,rank,hangers... I have no brave to put my eye on the total amount, it's such a dream bag that I always wish to have! :(  So do hard, work hard, earn back!  

Love my family! <3 Heart Heart!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Babes... Like thousand years I disappeared from here! OMG...my lovely blog! I have tons of story to go, loads of photo to share. Busy life, non-stop motion, that's life! Study(half-way-die), Booth Business, Online Business, Customer's order... @@ My life full with all these temporary now.

Just finished the MOFEW - The Search Competition at Mid Valley Exhibition Center on last Saturday 12-11-2011. They're my pretty chic models! Two of them, Kary & Michelle won 1st Runner-up & 2nd Runner-up. Bravo to them! They have the posture, the walk, the attitude. I means four of them! :) 

Alright, I will try my best best ever to update the blog! Promised! 


(Since joined MOFEW, everybody knew me is CHARIS, not Mei Wei. So thinking of should I change all my facebook profile, page, twitter, everything connected with my name Meiwei? Now, to announced, call me - CHARIS. Nice to meet you guys again! :P  )

Friday, October 14, 2011


It's necklace actually! How I am so addicted to pearl accessories!!! 

Busy-ing enough for the November exhibition, MOFEW competition, and customer's ordersss. T.T Design and make the new collection to sell on exhibition day, Rush 4 pieces to Fashion Design Competition, .... and customer's orders. Time sleep to charge my whole day spent battery! OFF-and charge now! :P

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


 This purple gown upper had been done! :) Actually done part of the gown only, this corset still left beads waiting to put on. I'm soooo excited to see the whole gown! :P

Every gown under processing....... to be present on next month! :)
Oh ya!!! ONE month left..!!!

Gonna rush works.......!!! Don't forget me, please!

As well as click LIKE on CHACHIMEWE * my new online shop page!
Share it to your friends!!! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


20/09/2011 Tuesday - Started sewing time...!!! :)
You try guess or Can see or try understand ... which part of gown shown above! It's quite take time job, bias tape work was really beautiful and tidy but it take more steps & pins very accurate point! -____- I did this top only today. The next will be... the waist part! Keep update my blog!!!

I knew you guys all reading now and left comment before to me, thank you so much! Promise that I'll check out you all blogs after I finish all the works ( or part of them :P ) Since I had bookmark all the blogs, so I can do check everyone's blog anytime! (The "anytime" will be my free time! :D ) Appreciate so much!!! 


(Now 4.25am, I just finished customer's order piece! Now sleep time! 9am wake up for class!)

Monday, September 19, 2011


Started from last week (Urh...was LAST WEEK happened! I still haven't do anything yet!) Bought this lace fabric cloth, it actually grey like with purple and some gold thread. As well as the grey color lining too! Try to guess what's the pattern I making now...!!! Some cue... it's a gown! Can be wedding? Can be evening wear? Can be "casual"? :P  Just wait until work done, maybe I'll only publish on exhibition MOFEW on November. I have no more time ... left 50+ days for my "exhibition"!!! Had been waited year ago. Do it!!!

Interfacing part done!!! Took time and spend lot interfacing just for the top of whole design. *Secret!* still.

 They're on fabric cloth waiting to me to cut them each one by ONE... Nightmare!

Marking up & down, front & back, side & center! Got know my mark? :)

A new week MONDAY ... must finish it WHOLE piece by this week!!! 
Tons of work ... ! :) Fight for the end of year!

Love everyone! :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011


 A day went for lauching of MOFEW:THE SEARCH at Amber Chia Academy, JayaOne with Yan. Pumped myself in GREEN outfit. I made this Maxi Dress (It's maxi dress from shoulder to bottom actually.) w blossom cotton and layers pattern. Totally in love with the width. I love MAXI dress than jeans!!!!! :S Fainted about jeans!

 Too simple with top & dress, just added a slim belt on my waist. Yea, the belt is selling on CHACHIMEWE Website now! It's cost RM18 / USD 5 ONLY. Grab it now! :) The website still new, need your support to link it up & share to your friends! Thanks!

 Green Square Top from Iam, Maxi Layers Dress from chingMeiWei
Belt from Chachimewe, Heel Wedges from Lush Serendipity,
Necklace,Rings,Bangle from bazaar, Clutch from Aldo.

 Smile! :)

We did photoshoot after launching event then head to The Street market. 
Had lunch at E@Curve before start our shopping walk! 

 Yumm... dessert time! :)