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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

16/09/10 CLINIC CAFE at Penang!

Paid a visit to Clinic Cafe at Gurney Plaze,Penang!
Spending my free time for eat, shopping, sleep, and "blah blah" only when I was at Penang last month for a week! Huh~~~

So lets pictures do d talk... tiredness killing me now!

The menu * one words - nothing special *

Most special is their decoration... Red view... bloody! Those lights!

Wall frame showing organs... @@... !!!

As well as syringe ...@@! Don't ever looking at this things when you're ruminate your foods! *** part of ppls!
Whole house...! Space quite large... full of peoples that moment!

Their waiter n waitress's uniforms are adorable! Doctor and nurse? ... Teehee!

Curtain is cute too! Image like AMBULANCES~ huh!

This beaker serving tablewares!

And chemical beaker for drinks~~~ how's special of them! Cutey!

* Everybody keep camwhoring after each foods or drinks served to us!


Mine - their signatured rice meal boh!
One word - Bad !!! Only the one can eat is the fried chicken pieces! wth!

Nasi Lemak! Cousin sis told me that's not bad oh~~~

Pay for decoration = get zero O on foods!
Pay for foods = Get no decoration! Some without air-cond, tissues, wifi zone as well ! Hahahah~~~

The only I wanted to pay d next visit is
wanna try the other foods and get the conclusion...
are their foods......**********.... blah blah!

Btw... KayElle have d branches? or similar idea shop?
As I know T-bowl is not bad... right?~

Ishhhhhhhhhhh!!! Everytime post about foods at d midnight!

Mr. Zhou Gong calling me now! zzzzzzzzzZZZZZzz!!

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