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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mei, you should go fast!

( I'm considering ... should I copy my previously post from WRETCH to here? I think I'm not going to use WRETCH blog anymore, because of the latest blog post setting is just weird, I couldn't write in CHINESE after I loaded a photo in the post. So what for I use English words on Wretch blog? Better change to blogspot here! Yea, many peoples suggested me to use BLOGSPOT! After I tried use BLOGSPOT for my blogshop, found out BLOGSPOT is not that bad that I kept in mind last times. Here I'm, blogspot! I'll keep using WRETCH album, not blog anymore! I shouldn't waste up the pay of VIP, and yea I'm just like WRETCH album setting! )

First post with this...

My grandmom asked me,
'Mei, where's your boyfriend? Is he following you back now?
When you gonna bring him to "LOOK" me?' (The "LOOK" is ... u guess )
My respond :-
Mummy and brother laughing beside me... wth!!!
And I answered my grandmom, 'soon, sure will bring him to let you "LOOK"! '

AFTER months, was "QING MING" day.
We went back kampong to "SAO MU" again.

AND guess...!!!
What'd my grandmom asked me for this time!!!

She asked me, ' Mei, are you going to get marry? '
WALAO ... under clouds clouds clouds...

Will she ask me 'What ages of you child?' on the coming days?

So this year... I MUST get ONE ?
Yea, my grandmom did a good job!
I'm thinking that did she speak to GOD or @#^& ...
because now I'm really under clouds now!
A or B or C or D...

I'm hope so I have choices...
But grandmom, nobody line-up wor...

Your grand-daughter not that pretty.

Sometimes, her silly smile throw shock to other people.

And now she's thinking to stand up to settle down
and get choice !

Chosen to :
Work hard on study and work !!!


xiao hui said...

hahaha...where is ur boyfriend?how come i don't kno?

MeiWei7890 said...

Not yet lor... Alrdy told you "coming soon" only! Not yet Not yet~~~