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Monday, May 24, 2010

BROGA BBQ Broiled Fish

Mummy's friends gave a call to us,
saying wanna treat us “烧鱼”! is it broiled fish or BBQ fish in english?
We were there about 11am... Earliest customer! Hahaha~
See the green and blue color... the air is just freshness !!!
love this view much !!!

The restaurant own a small lake... it's actually fish ponds lah~~~
Hahaha~ this lake is much smaller than south lake(where where where)
Lots of “非洲鱼”there...

We're the early birdddsss...
Simply tables, chairs, accessories ... but with the BEST foods!!!
Looks at the foods now !!!!!!

This is “招牌非洲鱼”... Damn taste good!!

Kari sauce not that bad also!!!
I ate lots kari... damn taste good!!!

The whole table with 5 foods... 3 fishes, 2 vegetables...
I never eat the ladyfinger before, don't ever dare taste it.
But I did for this time! Ladyfinger is my lovest recently!!

Wish to have next visit at there!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mei, you should go fast!

( I'm considering ... should I copy my previously post from WRETCH to here? I think I'm not going to use WRETCH blog anymore, because of the latest blog post setting is just weird, I couldn't write in CHINESE after I loaded a photo in the post. So what for I use English words on Wretch blog? Better change to blogspot here! Yea, many peoples suggested me to use BLOGSPOT! After I tried use BLOGSPOT for my blogshop, found out BLOGSPOT is not that bad that I kept in mind last times. Here I'm, blogspot! I'll keep using WRETCH album, not blog anymore! I shouldn't waste up the pay of VIP, and yea I'm just like WRETCH album setting! )

First post with this...

My grandmom asked me,
'Mei, where's your boyfriend? Is he following you back now?
When you gonna bring him to "LOOK" me?' (The "LOOK" is ... u guess )
My respond :-
Mummy and brother laughing beside me... wth!!!
And I answered my grandmom, 'soon, sure will bring him to let you "LOOK"! '

AFTER months, was "QING MING" day.
We went back kampong to "SAO MU" again.

AND guess...!!!
What'd my grandmom asked me for this time!!!

She asked me, ' Mei, are you going to get marry? '
WALAO ... under clouds clouds clouds...

Will she ask me 'What ages of you child?' on the coming days?

So this year... I MUST get ONE ?
Yea, my grandmom did a good job!
I'm thinking that did she speak to GOD or @#^& ...
because now I'm really under clouds now!
A or B or C or D...

I'm hope so I have choices...
But grandmom, nobody line-up wor...

Your grand-daughter not that pretty.

Sometimes, her silly smile throw shock to other people.

And now she's thinking to stand up to settle down
and get choice !

Chosen to :
Work hard on study and work !!!